Short Drama

TOULA              1970

Written by Oliver Howes

Producer Gil Brealey

29 mins, BW

Toula is a seventeen-year-old Greek-Australian in the heart of the Greek community of a big city. Her parents have difficulties living in an alien land. But Toula and the other young people have different cultural challenges, living with both their parent’s expectations and in a very different Australian world.

Special Award, 20th Melbourne Film Festival, 1970.

Rina Ioannou as Toula

JUST ANOTHER DOMESTIC                    1992

22 mins

Training video for NSW Police, with script improvised by the actors and police patrols, with scenes of physical and verbal violence.

Silver Medal in Professional Training Category, New York Festivals, USA, 1992.

STEP BY STEP                1990

A short drama training video about a migrant school cleaner injured in an industrial accident, and her rehabilitation. For the NSW Film and TV Office.

Award of Merit, Australian Training Film and Video Awards.

BIG SHAME                   1999

20 mins video

A story about Child sexual assault in an Aboriginal community.  For the NSW Film and TV Office.

World Silver Medal, New York Festivals, 1999

Silver Screen Award, US International Film and Video Festival, 2020

Gold Plaque, Chicago International Film Festival, 2000

Gold Award, International TV Association USA, for Communication

Gold Award, International TV Association for Special Achievement in Dramatisation

WHO’S THE LOSER?                  1999

20 mins video

A story about family violence in and Aboriginal community. For the NSW Film and TV Office.

THREE WAYS TO HOPE              2009

Set in Dili, East Timor, a dramatised video of the work of PRADET, the psychological support NGO in East Timor.

UN Sergio de Melo Award for Human Rights, 2009