Feature Length Drama

LET THE BALOON GO                1976

Written by the novelist Ivan Southall, Producer Dick Mason, Director Oliver Howes.

78 mins, 35 mm.

A children’s story about a boy’s hard-won independence. It was shot on location near Bathurst, NSW, and was released through Fox-Hoyts in Australia. It has been widely exhibited in the USA, and sold in many countries in Europe and South America.

Silver Medal at the Festival of the Americas

Special citation, Belgrade Film Festival.

Turuk “Tonten” Wabei and family

WOKABAUT BILONG TONTEN               1974

Written and directed by Oliver Howes

Produced by Don Murray

87 mins, 16 mm and 35 mm blow-up.

Oliver with Korol, Bigman of Dumun in Chimbu

A film shot on location in Papua New Guinea with an all-New-Guinean speaking Melanesian Pidgin, and sub-titled in English. The theme is the newly emerging nation. It’s a story of a young village man Tonten, the death of his wife, his journey from the north coast across the country to find his long-lost brother-in-law, and his second marriage to a Highlands woman. 

Special citation, AFI Awards, 1975.

SAY YOU WANT ME                  1977

Executive Producer Dick Mason, Producer Don Murray

Writer Laura Jones

75 mins

A Nine Network and Film Australia coproduction. The story is of a radio presenter’s wife who is raped by one of her husband’s influential work associates. The marriage is rocked by the resulting conflicts.

Sammy Award to Belinda Giblin for Best Actress in a television performance, 1977.